Interactive Social Media Display

Interactive social media display
This application, produced for Incidium, is built using the Away3D engine. It pulls event-relevant data from configurable social media streams and displays that content on three rotating 3D cubes for use on touch screens.

Point of Purchase Game

Point of purchase game
"Develop and build an eye-catching game" to promote the benefits of good product layout in retail drinks coolers. The game was to be deployed on touch screen monitors to accompany promotional stands at events within the drinks industry.

Nationwide Banner Collection

Nationwide online banner
"You get a hole lot more with our credit card" was the strap line. Animated scissors proceeded to cut holes in the banners revealing individual details of Nationwide's credit card offer.

Churchill Slider

It's often the simple details, executed well, that make the difference. Churchill wanted to make its questionnaire more user friendly so a simple Flash slider with realistic eye-follow and familiar Churchill nod was created.

Churchill Banner Collection

Churchill online banner
Churchill offer a range of insurance products. This set of banners sits on the homepage at Churchill is animated in a range of situations - the challenge was to portray his amusing mannerisms!

Alpine Sales Resourcing

Alpine Sales Resourcing website
Full design and build of Alpine Sales Resourcing's website. The company specialises in the recruitment of sales professionals. The people at Alpine wanted a website that made it easy for clients and candidates to find information. They requested an uncluttered and clean site design that would reflect the company's dealings in the professional, corporate arena.


Mo Paints

Mo Paints website
Mo Paints is comprised of a team of hand-selected, skilled craftspeople that restore Grade I and Grade II listed buildings.


3D Display Unit

3D render
This 3D display unit, produced for Circus Digital Limited, was built using the Away3D Flash engine to create a 360° view of a unit preceding assembly.

Interactive Tweet Display

Interactive tweet display
The creative team at Incidium were looking for an engaging social media experience to offer their clients as part of Incidium's digital signage package aimed at the events industry. This application, built using the Away3D engine, pulls event-relevant social media via FEEDMAGNET and displays the content on a 3D sphere for use on touch screens.

Mulberry website
Flash build of Mulberry's previous website for Groovytrain Limited. Functionality included multi-currency support, seamless online shopping experience, full-screen videos and an online shop and store finder.
The site was built to be fully deep-linkable and to enable the browser's navigation buttons that are often inoperable when viewing Flash sites.

Lloyds Banner Collection

Lloyds online banner
This set of banners, built for Lloyds TSB International, included a calculator that displayed the return a user could expect to achieve based on the chosen deposit. This helped to draw attention to the advertisement as well as providing useful information.

Hachette Partworks Ltd.

Hachette Partworks Ltd.
This Flash carousel loops through a series of short videos that advertise the latest products from Hachette. Users can select videos they are interested in by interacting with the Rolodex style menu. Sound can also be activated to accompany the visuals.



ghd online banner
Banners usually have lean file size limits. In these banners, produced for Circus Digital Limited, ActionScript 3.0 was employed to create a low-overhead, apposite transition between two animation scenes. The opening animation was split into pieces (that continued to play their respective segment of the animation) allowing these pieces to be blown off screen to reveal the message.

Vertu Ascent Ferrari

Vertu Ascent Ferrari
Flash build of this Vertu microsite for Groovytrain Limited. The Vertu Ascent Ferrari was created to celebrate Ferrari's 60th anniversary. The site allowed users to rotate the handset and discover more about specific features by clicking on hotspots as the handset rotated.

Mortgage Calculator

Nationwide mortgage calculator
This mortgage calculator tool, for Nationwide Building Society, was created to be as intuitive as possible. Users could amend the size of the loan, the term of the loan and the monthly repayment by interacting with three simple sliders. They could see instantly the effect their changes were having on the total amount repayable.

adidas Turntables

adidas turntables
Flash build of this adidas microsite for Groovytrain Limited. The adidas Originals website was born in the late nineties. The theme of the site was 'back in the days' to reflect the apparel and sneakers within the Originals range.

Expandable MPU banners

Nationwide online MPU banner
A series of expandable MPU banners were built for Nationwide Building Society using Flashtalking, the ad server platform. On rollover the banners expand to reveal a form where users enter their mortgage requirements. Users could then click 'go' to be taken to a page on the Nationwide website displaying relevant financial products.