Cyclone technology

Cyclone technology Three.js logo

Animated demo to visualize cyclone technology; built with three.js. Uses geometry from the library - no images assets or models required.

Glenlivet Whisky

Glenlivet Whisky bottle Away3D logo

Lightweight swf to demo real-time 3D product modelling. Enhance users' shopping experience on the web by enabling product exploration prior to purchase. Attract attendees at events and shows when used on interactive touch screens and large overhead displays. Create informative, animated user manuals for complex products, for example a new video camera.

Pripyat ferris wheel

Pripyat ferris wheel Three.js logo

I've long been interested in our relationship with nuclear technology. This three.js project is inspired by Pripyat, a ghost town in northern Ukraine that was evacuated on 27th April 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster.

Speed test application

Speed test tool Animate logo

This application is a lightweight (25kB) tool designed to sit on a website to test users' download and upload speeds.

3D laptop + video material

Laptop Three.js logo

Laptop model built in Blender; materials added in JavaScript. Open and close the laptop by clicking the lid.

Depth of field

Depth of field Away3D logo

Depth of field and fog method demo. Performance greatly improved by sharing loaded model's material and geometry.